Ninja Training

Ninja Classes for Kids: Unleash the Warrior Within!

Welcome to the ultimate Ninja Class, where every move is a step towards mastering the art of ninja warrior! Ninja Training is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle that encourages kids to overcome obstacles, both physical and mental. It’s a unique blend of obstacle course training, gymnastics, parkour, and character-building that promotes physical fitness, agility, and self-confidence. Our 50-minute Ninja Classes aren’t just about conquering obstacles; they’re a gateway to unleashing skills that reach beyond the gym and into whatever sparks your passion.


What to expect with our classes:

Teamwork Triumphs

Engage in a world of teamwork where every ninja supports each other’s journey.

Balance Mastery

Navigate slack lines, wobbly bridges, and bars to become a balance ninja.

Learn to Fail

With obstacles of all ability levels, we strive to cultivate a mentality of practice makes better.

Improve Strength

Power up with full-body workouts that blend playfulness and circuit training.

Accuracy & Momentum

Hone precision with skills like laches and rings to master accuracy and momentum.

Creative Exploration

Cultivate creativity as ninjas embark on a tailored program designed just for them.

Confidence Building

Watch confidence soar as they conquer challenges and showcase newfound skills.

Skill Transfer Magic

Practice on our obstacles and watch as your skills seamlessly transfer to whatever you’re into!

6 weeks of ninja exploration, each class diving deeper into the ninja world.

Ninjas grouped based on their evolving abilities, ensuring a personalized experience for all.