Our Instructors

Lead Instructor Luis

Luis has had a love for sports ever since he was a little kid, doing any kind of sports he could and always looking to improve in his skills and learn from mistakes. He has also worked previously in similar fitness facilities that involve working with children and adults. Luis has a degree in Business Administration, with certifications from HS&E (Health, Safety and Environment) and a certification with the Canadian Red Cross as ‘Standard First Aid Blended’. He also worked as the manager for the previous owner of The Ninja Gym and brings the operational experience that is needed.

 Prior to working with the Ninja Gym, Luis used to be a weight coach for 3 years as an extra activity in which he learned how to help people to develop their muscles, doing programs and routines for the participants that were interested, learning how to help people achieve their goals successfully. 

With a love for mountain biking, hiking, and exploring, he fell in love with the landscape and wants to offer to its amazing community the same love and passion he has.

Lead Instructor Shawn

Shaun has a background in obstacle course racing and mountain running and is a current member of the Spartan Pro Team. He travels internationally to race and understands the needs and functions of becoming a high-level athlete. Shaun also participated in Ninja competitions and co- directed the first-ever Ninja competition in Squamish, in 2019. He has a broad skill set, with a background in Civil Engineering and Astrophysics. Prior to working with the Ninja Gym, Shaun was a wildland fire fighter with BC wildfire services. With many connections in Squamish, and a passion for running, mountain biking, and climbing, he has found this town and its rugged scape the perfect place to call home.