Our History

The Ninja Gym started as an idea: Gary, the founder, had been hooked on the Television show American Ninja Warrior and wanted to bring the fun and joy he found as a viewer to reality in Squamish.

Gary is well known in the community for his determination and savviness. He has built many of the beloved biking and climbing trails and has a knack for the wild and zany. It was no wonder really, that he would be the pioneer for Ninja Warrior which adopts many of the skills he already possessed – strength, agility, and daring with his excitability and zeal in sharing experience as well as challenging the norms of what’s possible. After extensive research and trips to Japan to negotiate materials, his vision came to life and the Ninja Gym opened in the spring of 2019. It was an instant hit and the sheer scale of his vision coming to life made it the largest ninja gym on the West Coast, bringing aspiring ninjas up from all across the lower mainland and even as far away as the East Coast and the United States. The plan was always to develop a community around the gym and Gary stayed true to this by creating lessons, and camps, and offering reduced rates for school groups and the local indigenous community. The Ninja Gym hosted its first official Ninja Competition, in conjunction with the Canadian Ninja League, in December of 2019 and it was a massive success with well over 100 ninjas participating.

In 2021 The Ninja Gym closed its doors after the building it resided in sold. Not having another prospective location to move to, Gary, offered to sell the gym to the employees. Luis and Shaun jumped at the opportunity of acquiring it and to help with the business acquisition Oscar was invited. Since then, Emma, and Angie were invited to join the team – all possessing proven experience and having already left their mark in the community.