About The Ninja Gym

The Ninja Gym Squamish is a recreational gym aimed at improving fitness, strength, athleticism, and confidence. By offering a unique and fun environment with an array of obstacles such as devil steps, salmon ladder, monkey bars, flying squirrel, rings, etc. and an easy to mount truss system the gym is constantly changing and evolving to suit the client’s needs.

We are looking to offer back to the Squamish community the renewed experience of “The Ninja Gym” – but this time we are looking to update the programs, catering to kids from 3 years old all the way to grown-up adults. We are refreshing the image of the gym and designing a better-suited facility.

The Ninja Gym will be thrown into the already thriving outdoor recreation market in Squamish. We hope to complement rather than compete against the industries of mountain biking and climbing which are both massive tourist draws. By offering an indoor space to improve agility, balance, and strength – all key attributes in the above-mentioned outdoor industries, the gym hopes to draw in both children and adults to train and have fun. The gym will also cater to the school-aged market by offering after-school classes and spring and summer camps, providing a safe and fun environment for children to build confidence, athleticism, and self-esteem.

Squamish is well known as an outdoor hub. We will provide a training environment for those wishing to pursue other sports, such as Mountain biking, kite surfing and climbing. We will also serve the large population of young families in Squamish who are looking to develop their children’s athleticism and self-esteem in a safe and fun environment.