Frequently and Infrequently Asked Questions

What’s a Ninja Gym?A gym that emulates the TV show American Ninja Warrior. No weights or programming though. It’s an obstacle based gym that focuses on play. You’ll gain strength and confidence while playing on some of the most amazing obstacles you can imagine. This will happen in a safe environment with coaching available if you want it!

Where are you? #21-38936 Queens Way, Squamish BC.

Who can participate? Anybody with a reasonable level of fitness and/or interest. Some obstacles will require good upper body strength while other will only require a sense of adventure and a sense of humour.

How old do you have to be? We have some special times for 3-5 year olds, but kids have to be 6 & up to ninja on weekends and after 3pm during the week. And that ‘up’ has no limit. Our oldest ninja  to date was 84. (He still is)

Is there a Seniors discount?
 Anybody older than Gary who wants to participate can talk to him about a discount.

Can kids be dropped off? Kids 12 and up can be left unattended. Under 12 have to be accompanied by an adult or they can be part of our ‘Drop & Run’ option. Leave your contact info with us and enjoy some freedom. It costs $5 per child. First time visitors to the gym aren’t eligible as we want to make sure the kids are comfortable before they get left on their own.

Can we have a birthday party there? Yes.  You supply the cake and kids and we’ll take care of the rest.

How much does it cost? Check the price list. There will be Open Gym (drop in) pricing as well as membership pricing.

Do you need special equipment? No, but you need clean, indoor athletic shoes. No bare feet or socks are allowed- even special socks!

Will there be classes? Yes. We’re running after school programs all the time and we’re offering adult classes as well. Ask at the front desk for details.

What’s ‘Open Gym’? Open Gym means that you won’t be in an instructional setting; you’re just there to play in a semi-structured environment. There will be staff on hand to supervise and give tips and make sure everyone is playing nicely.

How big is the Ninja Gym? Over 7000 square feet plus a raised mezzanine for Birthday Parties and viewing.

What obstacles will you have? The obstacles will change as often as possible but we’ll be starting with: Warped Walls (4 lanes – 10’, 12’ and 14’), Jumping Spider, Double Salmon Ladder, Unstable Bridge, Wing Nuts, Devil Steps, Spin Cycle, Rumbling Dice and the Swoop Slider – amongst others. We’ll also have a Soft Play area and a Ninja vs Ninja lane!

Can I just watch? Yes, you can just hang out and watch but if you want to enter the Ninja Zone you have to sign a waiver. Waivers can be signed online or in person.

What do you do, fighting or gym? We don’t fight. Some of us are too old and easily injured and that’s not our thing. However, there will be space to compete fiercely against your friends on the Ninja vs Ninja course.

Is it wrestling? Wow. The only wrestling is with an answer to that question. Let’s go with No.

Do you have to be young (under 30) to participate? No. Age is irrelevant once you stop telling people how old you are.

Is it only for adults? No. Adults should be accompanied by a child if they aren’t young at heart.

I can’t even use the monkey bars on the kids playground, will I be able to do the course? You’ll be able to do some of the obstacles but not all of them. You’ll have to get stronger for that. Play, have fun, get stronger.

Will I look like a monkey or act like one? Hopefully.

How often is it cleaned? Probably more often than your room – and before we have to be asked.

How many potatoes can Gary eat in 5 minutes? African or European? (Be careful how you answer this)

How many potatos can Gary eat in 5 minutes? Tomatoe tomato.

Do you have a behavior policy? No. But we expect good behavior from everyone. No bullying, no being mean, no cutting lines. If you think you aren’t behaving, you probably aren’t.

Do you have a ‘Don’t be a Jerk’ form? Not officially, but this is a policy we adhere to and will enforce. We prefer silly, happy and tired. (the other dwarves will be along shortly)

When does the Race Series start? I don’t know, it’s up to you. The more people who want to race, the quicker it’ll happen.

Can anybody race? Why not? Not everybody is going to win but everybody can race.

Are there age categories? Sort of. Racers will be in named categories like: ‘Groms’, ‘Anklebiters’, or ‘Know-it-alls’. There are ages attached to each category but you can race anybody you want.

Is it only for kids? Heck no! (I’ve been watching Fargo) It’s for everybody. There’s also an Open Category that’s self-seeding. It’s for the real rockstars out there, the ‘Dad Bod Jovi’s!’

Does this have anything to do with Ninja Turtles? No. Just….no.

Can I bring my nunchaku? You can as long as she’s a nun named Chaku and not a weapon. Remember, punctuation is important!